Plan how your life is remembered

Saying goodbye is never easy. But with a little forward thinking, comes clarity, comfort and the joy of reflecting on a life well-lived.

Planning ahead means celebrating your life, your way - and saying goodbye on your own terms. Creating the time to look back on your experiences and the moments that tell your story, and designing a farewell that reflects you. That’s where our Australia-wide funeral planning service Guardian Plan can help. Guardian Plan empowers you to take ownership of what matters to you, and removes the burden from your loved ones when it comes time to say goodbye.

Guardian Plan allows you to agree a cost for your funeral at today’s prices and be protected from inflation. You’re also free to move your Guardian Plan and transfer to one of the 240+ homes in our network across Australia.

Funeral plans can cost between $6,000 - $15,000, depending on what you choose. The plan may include the funeral service, coffin, transportation, documentation, burial or cremation and full professional support. We can also help you to secure a burial plot or memorial for ashes. 

The end of our lives may not be something we’re inclined to talk about, but an open chat about the inevitable needn’t be a sombre affair. We’d like to start that conversation, so you can do the same with your family and friends.

A Guardian Plan is a great place to begin. Proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is Australia’s leading provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria and related services.  

Make a plan. It’s a safe bet. 

Pre-planning your funeral gives you the opportunity to pay in advance. With payment plans of up to three years and no hidden costs, your loved ones won’t be left to pay the bill.

A Guardian Plan is exempt from the asset test, so it may also help maximise your pension if you meet the ATO criteria

Find peace of mind. 

It’s comforting to know everything will be taken care of, no matter what. A prepaid funeral is guaranteed from the moment of payment, whereas missing an insurance payment often means cover lapses. Insurance may also cost more over time and is not protected from inflation.

All payments are held securely by The Over Fifty's Guardian Friendly Society, under APRA regulation. Funds are only released to the funeral home of your choosing at the time of the funeral. 

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Open the conversation today. 

Tell us your story. We’re all ears.


Guardian Plan is a prepaid funeral plan provider. A prepaid funeral plan enables you to prepay your selected funeral services for a future funeral at today's prices and is a good alternative to funeral insurance.

Guardian Plan is a funeral bond issued by the Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited (the Society) ABN 81 087 649 063 AFSL 524353.